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About Us

eduAlgo is a small startup, focused on building learner centric, research based education curriculum.

Complexities are everywhere, but only a good teacher can simplify those complexities and make them learner specific. We try to provide quality content, mentorship and related resources at a cheaper price. Quality is taken quite seriously at our place.


With every piece of content that we deliver, we define a list of goal for the learners. It helps them to be on track and have a definite vision infront of them.


We research through tons of lectures, courses, videos and text materials to find a proper way of delivering content to our learners. This makes us stand out from the rest.


Our curriculum is designed in such a way that, it requires minimum effort to memorize things and your maximum focus will be on learning, imagine how cool is that actually !


Do you want to find the cheapest priced course in the market? You get the best quality deliverables with us along with our smart mentor support system.

Why Us

There are a lot of companies in the world selling courses & delivering content, but what makes us different ?

Education is becoming a business, although teaching is a profession, it's becoming a money madness. Even if some companies are delivering good resources, they are making it overpriced and available for limited duration of time. Instead of limiting the learners apetite, cheapest price & better quality makes us stand apart from others.

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Here are some of our courses we are delivering lately. Feel free to check them out.

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Introduction to C++

INR 200

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Intoruction to Python

INR 200

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Advanced C++

INR 999

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Advanced Python

INR 1099

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Machine Learning

INR 1999

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Python & Django

INR 1899

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INR 1899

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Mastering System Design

INR 3000

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It is very understanding. Easy to start from the basics and learn whole concept. I am able to understand all concepts and The mentor is good enough.

Shalu Kumari

Course offered is awesome. The course is well planned mentor started teaching from zero to one, the mentor is very humble and I am getting all the concepts

Bibekar Tejas Jitendra

Course is great, and can easily be understood by beginner like me. The book which you provided just complete the course by providing different problems for practice

Abhishek Kumar Singh

It's short, crisp and straight to the point. The mentor is really good. He keeps asking everyday whether we have any doubts or not. He is doing his level best to make us understand.

Prashasti Pankaj

Excellent...Python is new for me but due to this course I'm understand all the concept. I will suggest to others who new to Python join this course

Archana Thorat

I have gone through the book and initial set of videos. It is very simple and easy to understand. Very effective way of learning Python, the mentor is knowledgeable.

Karthik S

It's understanding and straight to the point .Why we are using a particular concept/approach in a problem is very well explained in this course.

Himanshi Soni

Teaching method is conceptually and deeply, the course is very good

Thorat Priti Ramesh

This was a very good session to have a idea why to choose c++ and how to learn other programming languages.

Joysri Sarkar

Do you have any doubt on how to learn and what to learn ? We are always here to help

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