Machine Learning Roadmap


Mathematical Background

Basics of Linear Algebra(Matrices, Equations), Calculus(Multivariable), 2D/3D Geometry, Graphs and a little bit of Discrete Mathematics


Statistical Background

Measures of central tendency, dispersion, correlation & regression, hypothesis, time-series analysis


Basics Of Python

Learn Basics of variables, flow control, loops, functions, OOP, generators, iterators, Take Our Course


Data Structures & Algorithms

Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, LinkedLists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Graphs and much more,Take Our Course

IntermediateML Core

Core Machine Learning

Handling Data, Feature Extraction, Feature Selection, Model Evaluation, Model Selection, ML Algorithms, Implementations, Graphical Analysis & Metrics, Take Our Course


Learn Deployment

Django, Flask, Cloud Services, Computer Networks, Databases & System Design Take Our Course on Django

AdvancedDeep Learning

Learn Basics of Deep Learning

Deep Neural Networks, Regularization, Optimization & much more